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How to run a beep test

The fastest way to understand how the beep test works is probably to watch a video...
...alternatively, download a complete manual, or read instructions on the bottom half of this page

Recommended videos

Very comprehensive Beep Test video with instructions

PACER Test instructions

Summary Instructions

Equipment needed

  • 20 metres of open space
  • Marker cones or chalk*
  • Measuring tape*
  • Pre-recorded beep test sound track
  • A MP3 player or CD player to play the sound track so all participants can hear
  • Copies of score sheet and pens/pencil (or mobile app or similar)

* not needed if course is already marked out

Set up


  • All participants start behind the line at one end
  • Remind participants that the test is not a race
  • Inform participants that they should turn around immediately after they hear a beep whether it is a triple beep or a single beep.
  • Make sure that participants understand the difference between a triple beep and a single beep (Triple beep means that the speed is going to increase)
  • Remind participants that if they reach the line before the beep then they should wait behind the line until they hear the beep.
  • Start the sound track which provides a short introduction before the test and then the test itself


  • Use scoring sheets or ask particpants to remember the last completed lap (announced on the sound track) before they quit
  • After two times where the individual fails to reach the line by the beep the test is complete for that person
  • The two failed attempts to reach the line do not need to be consecutive
  • Compare the scores achieved to the normative tables

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