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Here you can compare your beep test results or PACER test results to others your age.

Beep Test

Look up your score in the table below to see how you compare.

For example, if you are a 17 year old male and completed 9 levels and 5 shuttles (a 9/5), you would be classed as "Average" because 9/5 is more than 8/3 in the table but less than 9/10).

If you scored higher than anything in the right hand column then you're probably a star athlete!

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The PACER (Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular Endurance Run) test is the same as the beep test (simply a "re-branding" in the USA by the Cooper Institute and Fitnessgram).  It is used as part of the Presidential Youth Fitness Program which is a great resource for fitness and health education for young people in the USA.

You can look up how you compare for the PACER test in the tables below - if you like, you can also
Convert your beep test score to PACER Test and vice versa using the table here.

Example: if you are a 17 year old girl and scored a 66, it would mean that your result would be classified as "Good" from the table below.

Source: Adapted from

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