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There are many ways of measuring your cardiovascular fitness and the only truly accurate way would be to go to a special facility and have your vital signs and oxygen intake measured while you performed a physical test to exhaustion...however, the beep test has many advantages over this and other methods...

Free - it really does not cost anything

Virtually no equipment required - apart from a way to hear a soundtrack, once a course is marked out, no equipment is required

Easy to administer

Requires very little space

No long warm up required - the test itself starts off at an easy pace and gradually gets faster so has a warm up period 'built in'

It can be social - a group doing the test together may well start off joking and chatting during the test and this is great - of course, it gets a lot quieter as the pace gets faster.  Once people are finished, they can help encourage their colleagues too.

You can do it alone - with just an mp3 player/iPod, it's easy to run a beep test for yourself assuming you can find a safe 20 metre place to do it

Worst performers do not end up coming in last - in fact they finish first

The best and the worst performers are always close - The best and the worst are never more than 20 metres apart

Well tested and researched - there are many studies demonstrating accuracy of the results - especially for adolescents

Non-competitive if you want it to be - the main idea is that people get a measure of their own fitness level and then can use this to try to improve in the future. Some people may want to use their score to compare to others or create a world record but this is optional. 

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