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About this website

Who made this site?

Hi, I am Robert, the creator of this site.  Currently (March 2013),  I am in my final year at high school (ie a senior) at the American International School of Bucharest (AISB) in Romania.  

The website is still "under construction" as of today but I hope it's still useful as it is.


I created this site to help promote fitness to young people in Romania - originally to fulfil some of the requirements of the Community Action Service part of the IB (International Baccalaureate) but I hope it will become a useful and permanent resource.

While typical projects for the Service component of the the IB Diploma are aimed at the local community such as raising funds for charity, helping the elderly or underprivileged, stray dogs etc, I thought that just as important is my "community" ie other young Romanians.  One of the most important issues worldwide, not just in Romania, is the health of young people since this can have a huge influence on the quality (and length) of the rest of their lives.

It seemed to me that the best way to raise awareness or educate this target group about the importance of fitness as part of overall health was through the internet (this website and social media sites).

The original inspiration was that in my final year at school, Physical Education classes were replaced with yet more academic lessons - this was part of the reason I started going to the gym most mornings at school to try to keep active...but I thought surely physical exercise was important to everyone my age, not just me.  As it turns out the research seems to show that an active and fit life is likely to have very big effect on quality of life in the long run - perhaps more than that extra time spent on calculus?

To do list

I have a many many things I would like to add and fix at some point on this website - here's a short list for the time being - if you have any suggestions, please drop me a line using the Contact page

  • Find volunteers to maintain the website into the future
  • Complete the Romanian version of the site
  • Improve how the site looks
  • Create a wikipedia article in Romanian for the beep test
  • Add a way for people to add their own beep test scores to a list
  • Set up a Facebook page Beep test on Facebook
  • Set up a Google group/Forum (decided just Facebook)
  • Enable people to to mark on a map where they have seen 20-metre spaces marked out already
  • Instructions on how to mark out a course (and downloadable templates for spray painting)
  • Organise a regular beep-test meet-up?
  • Create a Romanian sound track (with instructions)
  • Create a sound track with music - like the PACER test
  • Instructions on how to create your own beeptest soundtrack
  • Fix the links to the left of each page
  • Improve the "Compare your results" page(s) (simplified instead)

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