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Beep test mp3 (limba română) 

Beep test fisa de evaluare (limba română) 

Scoring Sheet (in English)

Click the image below or here to download a beep test scoring sheet for up to 5 participants.

Click to download scoring sheet (PDF)

Stencil for spray paint

beep test stencil

Suggested instructions:
1. Download the full size image by clicking above and print to completely fill an A4 (or larger) sheet of paper or card (or something reusable such as linoleum)
2. Cut out the orange colored parts to leave holes through which you can spray paint.  
3. Measure out 20m, place the stencil you have created on the ground at one end and then spray using flourescent paint for marking concrete (available in Romania by searching for "spray marcaj" ).  Do the same with the other end.
Of course, only mark a course where you have permission!

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